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Losing our wedding band is every girls’ worst nightmare. I lost mine earlier this week after custom check up at BIA before our flight to Kuala Lumpur. It was super heart breaking cause I honestly do not like it if either one of us leaves the house without our wedding band. I know that it is not a big deal but I do not like it when stores’/ restaurants’ staffs labels us as unmarried couple. I mean, I like the fact that the statement in a way defines us as young. But I have had enough of some people going all “eh ani alum kawin pun sudah tepigang-pigang,”. Believe me, some people can still be judgmental. This is why I do not hold my spouse’s hands or arms much while going out in public. But there are days when I just feel like holding him cause come on, I have the rights to. Some might say that I should just ignore them, you get more pahala when people say things that are not true about you, but I also believe that if you are the one who lets them speak/ think ill of you then it is your fault as well.

We had an extremely good time in KL since this time we get to spend more time together and talk more. We even had the chance to freely choose what we wish to since we did not have to wait for anyone else to get ready or to be done with anything. Best part is, when he kept making sure that I am having a great time with him.

We get to try Grandmama’s and boy was the portion too big for us! The food was super nice, I especially loved their Cendol with Corn served with coconut milk and palm sugar syrup. The Wet Kuey Tiaw with Beef was to die for! With tender beef cuts and flavourful gravy! The waiter was a little shocked to see our less than half empty plates. He asked us if everything was okay. I guess he thought that we did not liked the food, but we did and I explained to him how the portion was way too big for us.

The night before, we had Lebanese dinner at Tarbush. I did not get to take a picture of what we had cause they were too good to even pause for a picture πŸ˜‚ We had Lamb Mandhi (a plate shared with babe cause again, it was more of a 2 servings portion). After dinner we took a walk around Bukit Bintang until we ended up in Jalan Alor. We were surprised to see the street stalls along the road because, we travel to KL every 2-3 months and we have never came across this place though we used to go “pub hoping” for live bands in Jln Alor.

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e looking around the street stalls, we spotted a stall with live oysters. They were huge!! Bigger than my palms! And it has always been in babe's wish list to try fresh raw oysters. So we dropped by and I decided to order barbecued Oysters for me. Took a while for me to build the courage to eat though they were barbecued, but I guess they were just too big for my mouth πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I cut them in halves and prayed that the oysters won't make me puke. And guess what? They did not! I actually enjoyed them. They were quite pricey though. RM15/oyster for the small ones and RM18 for the large ones. The ones we had were the small oysters and they were already bigger than my palms, imagine if we were to order the large ones!!! They would be bigger!!!

So on our 3rd day in KL babe decided to take me to Thomas Sabo and Pandora to get me a new ring. Though the choices can not beat my wedding band (bukannya inda bersyukur kay – wedding bands just happen to have super sentimental values for every married couple) but I am grateful for having a very thoughtful husband.

The rest of our trip were filled with shopping for those back home πŸ’†πŸ» my youngest sister with her never ending odd requests. I can say that we could get used to this. I mean, spending more quality time together without having to endure annoyance and negativity from others.

I hope we’d get to go on another trip soon but with Husna this time! Oh did I mentioned that baby’s back? These are my current daily sights. These two enjoy sleeping in while I can not even stay asleep for longer than 6-7 hours like I used to (not because I can’t but because I just can’t – like; I want to, but my eyes won’t cooperate).

When it comes to sleeping, these two are the champs πŸ’πŸ»

Anyway, until the next time I have more things to talk about. Bye now.




It has been weeks now since we first watch Boss Baby with the kids at home. Since then too, we have been watching Boss Baby everyday cos Husna gets what Husna wants πŸ˜… – or else she’d be throwing tantrums like there’s no tomorrow. She would even go all whiny whenever babe put off the movie and changes the settings to his show. So try to imagine more than 5 repetitions of Boss Baby per day with one when we get up in the morning and the final one before bed.

In addition, it has been almost a year now since Husna started to sleep with us – cos Husna and Hana in the same room for bed is almost impossible since they keep each other awake.

Tonight, the house is pretty quiet with only babe and me at home. My sister, BIL and the girls are currently in the plane, on their way to London for my sister’s 2 weeks Global Campus Program. But they are extending the trip for another 12 days for a family vacation.

was hard to see them leave, I know it's only for about a month trip but babe and me are both used to having Husna around making it impossible to get good night sleeps 😭😭 We are also used to entertain Husna with all her never ending food requests. It was weird to come home without her. I mean, we are very much used to going out with her. Gosh I miss that kid. #clingyaunty

It is no surprise that I ended up being super close with my sister’s kid. She is also the sister that I spent most of my time with since little. Not to forget, I love all of my nieces like they are my own (all 4 of them). We may have not been granted with a child of our own yet, but having them make us feel like we have been granted with 4 amazing girls!

Baby girl, I hope time flies fast so I could hug you for as long as I want ignoring the fact that you can’t stand being held for too long!

Can’t wait to go FT with you once you guys have settled.




I was swiping through my instagram home page when I came across a photo of what seemed to be a very chocolatey jar of brownie cookies. Drooled over it for a few days until I could not take the pressure anymore I decided to put on my chef hat and make a batch of them.

I spent less than 15 minutes to prepare (bare in mind that this is my first time and I could not wait any longer) and the cookies took 10-12 minutes to bake. Hana kept asking for the chocolatey batter from me while Husna screaming her lungs off “MAMAM!!!!!”. I wonder if this kid is ever not hungry πŸ€”

12 minutes felt like forever with my craving I kept checking the oven hoping that the cookie would just be ready every time I check on them. Boy was I excited when the oven went “Te-te-te-tet!”. I rushed to the kitchen feeling all joyful and guess what??

Not to brag but I have never tasted a brownie cookie as good as these babies πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ They were so good I could die!!!

This one kept stuffing her mouth with cookies today. What could have been 3 full jars of cookies ended up with only 2 1/2 jars since she kept demanding for more 😰😰 mum would go bonkers if she finds out that I kept indulging Husna like this 😡😡

Sent a photo of the cookies to the family and mum commented requesting for the recipe (as usual – if she likes it, she’d request for the recipe). After all, I got my baking skills from her πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

I wonder how well I could make selling these babies though. I mean, it has been a while since I bake for sell (it does make me happy to bake/cook to satisfy others). Maybe next time when I can make the time to bake everyday like I used to 😘

Bye now!



Being mobile phones owner, have you ever thought of spending months without yours? I have never but I actually did. For 2 months and 21 days, I had to spend my days phone-less 😭😭 (Okay it was not that bad. It was alright).

The phone-less experience I had taught me a lot of things. It even helped me to stop depending on mobile phones to make time flies especially while waiting for the que or maybe while waiting for my food to be ready. I used to check my phone ALL the time! But today, I rarely check my phone and interact more with people around me. I only take my phone out from my bag when I get notifications otherwise it’ll stay in my bag at most. In addition my new phone is way advanced than the previous one.

Although, it was not easy to cope with at the very beginning. I went bonkers for the first few weeks cause I know, I depended on the phone way too much. It was also hard because I did not have anything to check my SM with aside from my laptop. Imagine having to take your laptop to everywhere you go in the house 😩 It is super tiring. The space that it eats when you need to use it in the kitchen cause you need to refer to the recipes online – Pardon me, I get annoyed easily!

After 2 months and 21 days; I finally realised how tired my laptop has gotten πŸ˜… So I decided it was about time for me to get a new phone and give my laptop a rest. Took me a while though, I have been saving up for a new phone but deciding the right device was not that easy.

What I learnt from this experience is, never let your anger take over you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I lost my temper and threw my phone with full rage πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ hence the damaged phone.

I guess that is all for now!



This post was inspired by a vlog post made by Tiwin Aji (her forever creative attitude is always on point!).

As we all know, unemployment rate is increasing on a daily basis (okay maybe daily is too extreme, but you know what I mean). We have graduates who had their 3 seconds of fame on stage and months (even years) of job hunting. We have people who are being laid off from their positions due to an issue that is currently out of our control. Please bare in mind that we are not the only country that is affected by this phenomenon. So many have been affected therefore, you should not be upset about it cause you are capable of so many things if you just believe (though believing alone would not do you much, so put your heart into it and do what you have to do!)

Truth is, when I first decided to leave my job with one of the country’s powerful oil and gas company I can honestly say that I did think things through, I did had a chance to outline my plans of what I need to do to survive before I achieve my actual freedom. I can say this is quite a bonus as I was actually mentally well prepared which is more crucial than financially-although being financially prepared would actually help alot. But despite the ups and downs that we have to go through, I still feel blessed for always preparing my mind to always stay positive regardless (most of the times πŸ˜…)

Today, I would like to share with you my answers to few of the most common questions that I get.

1. Do you ever regret leaving your job? Honestly, because of the fact that I kept reading the books that contribute to my personal development (financially and non-financially) the feeling of regret never occured in me when it comes to this decision. The decision I made in 2015 infact gave me the opportunity to explore more than I could ever compare to if I was still working.

2. How do you survive financially without a steady job? Being unemployed does not mean you cannot earn as much as you did or more. Instead, it gives you the freedom to choose for better things to do. God gave you two hands to work with, two legs to walk with. Working your sweat off for the things that you need and want is better than asking for help or whine about how money is never enough. How do I manage? I make my own initiatives. I was not even close to “know abit about” skin care or makeups, but I invested to learn and to start up and I rotate the earnings for the things that matters. Today, I won’t say that I am “filthy rich” but I know and I am sure, for as long as I still have the energy to work for it, I would take the extra miles, but one thing for sure, seeking for “unnecessary help” will never be part of my option. (This is not me being proud, this is me trying to make a point). If you want something, and you are perfect enough to perform the tasks, why must you go around whining about your challenges when you can instead spend your time on working for it? NEVER WHINE, NEVER COMPLAIN WHEN YOUR EFFORT IN IT IS NOT EVEN 101%! (If you still have the time to sit around at home, don’t even think about it)

3. What is your worst experience of being unemployed? I cannot name my worst experience as there are actually alot, especially while building my empire. I have people backstabbing me while making full use of my effort to help them. I have people taking advantage on my so-called-kindness. I have people saying untrue things about me while at the same time giving credits to themselves. There’s ALOT! You name it! But these experiences would never stop me from learning to be better than I was yesterday. Regardless what you do for others or for yourselves, good or bad.. There will still be those who will not appreciate you and talk about you behind your backs. It is still up to you to ignore and keep going or to stop half way and seek for sympathy or to be like them by giving them back a taste of their own medicine. 

4. What made you leave your job while others are actually seeking for one? For me, having a job is actually not a bad thing, since the pay was good (infact, too good for my qualification). But it is also not a good thing as it keeps me comfortable. It stops me from realising the things that urgently needs my attention. Which is rather sad come to think about it. I had no problem spending even my weekends at work without feeling any guilt, it was fully comfort.

5. Given the chance, will you ever consider working again with better salary and working hours? That is a hard no. Aside from the pay, my life with work was rather frustrating. Having people around you making you feel like you do not belong and attacking you all at once for things that you did not actually do. These are the things that I do not wish to experience again. Although there is no promise that these things won’t happen in the future whether or not I started working again, I suppose if I were to be attacked while chasing my dreams, I guess it’d be worth it.

6. What is your greatest challenge? This would definitely be myself. I believe in “fix yourselves before fixing others”. It was never easy to get up early in the morning for work-I had a boss, let alone waking up early when I have no boss! In addition to the fact that I am not a people person, it is never easy to keep myself mentally calm. Sometimes I also tend to forget that life is not about having others understanding us, it is about us understanding them.

7. Can you share some great experiences being unemployed? There is alot of amazing experiences that I have encountered while being unemployed. You see, being unemployed does not mean you have to sit at home emptying the fridge and cabinets. Being unemployed gives you the chances to explore more. May it be exploring the world for fun, for your interest or maybe just to improve your lifetyles. For me, I have the chance to expand my beauty and wellness business; and to expand, it is essential for me to travel to learn. And because of this, I had the chance to learn from alot of successful people. In fact, just recently I had the chance to meet a super successful couple from Germany and a couple of global citizens from Bangkok. I even get to meet a 24 year old young lady who has a world wide business. These people that I met, I do not think that I would ever be able to if I were to not travel to learn. One common thing that I learnt from them is they make full use of their times on doing beneficial things. This freedom to learn is very much possible when you are not working for someone else. Provided, you put your effort and whole heart into it. Remember NO EFFORT = NO MONEY and you cannot travel when you do not earn and there are many ways to earn legally. (But that does not mean that you can use the term NO MONEY as an excuse).
Other than the freedom to learn, I also have the opportunity to spend more time with my family. I may not be able to spend much time at family functions (since I still prefer to spend them on preparing for my future), but the most important ones are my immediate family. I keep this as my mantra “If it does not contribute to my success, I will say NO,”. And I believe, as long as I still have time for my family (my husband, parents, mother in law, siblings and nieces) it is okay. The hardwork, the pain.. They are only temporary. The result is permanent.

So what’s the message I am trying to point here?

Being unemployed is not actually a problem, it is a challenge and an opportunity. It is all depends on what you are planning to do about it. I am not trying to make everyone go all “I am going to quit my job now!”, NO! But I want those of you out there, who are affected by this increasing unemployment rate to see things from my views. Trust me, having a job is good. But at certain point, having no job is better than doing a job that you hate.

So, instead of feeling sorry for yourself please.. Why don’t you start planning on things that you could do for your own benefit. Look at the bright side; at least you are not controlled by alarm clocks and punch cards, while others have to be stucked in morning traffics you get spend that time to do morning exercises (live a healthy lifestyle), or maybe you have been planning to sit in a cafe in the morning just to finish that book you have been reading for the last few years but never had the chance to complete? There’s a lot of things that you can do. Trust me, I know how you feel, I felt the same way too (I cannot say that I did not get any anxiety attack at all). But seeing myself at where I am today, the amazing trips that I get to take, the time I get to spend with my family, the knowledges I have gained, through this unemployed series of my life; I don’t think that I could easily get if I was still working.

I hope, this post could give you guys a bit of inspiration to get back on your feet and on track.

Until then..


I am not much of a person who’d be happy to talk to others when we have people over or when I have someone I know sitting next to me. I would either bury my face in the book that I currently read (if I happen to have it with me) or play with my phone despite the fact that I do not install games in my phone. When someone tries to have a conversation with me, I would desperately be blog hopping hoping that I can find a good material to read.

The fact that I am not much of a people person sometimes worries and taunts me. Because I still believe in the fact that I can change to be better. Some may not get it but I do want to talk to them, have a good conversation but the anxiety in me can sometimes just take over my head and keeps me silent. Some people tend to say that I am over reacting when truth is, there are times (most of the time) when I cannot conqure every bit of it. I can be excited for an occasion the night before and feel super gloomy the next day (enough for me to bail). I can laugh hard with you and go bonkers the next minute. Despite the fact that “bersalam-salaman” with the kids and elders is a culture for us Malays (especially when you are leaving), I would skip this and wait for Zainul in the car for him to be done. I would be going over my phone’s contact numbers that I save looking for those that I can remove. Yes, I know what you might think of me. But still, that is just how things are on my side.

This side of me, this particular side of me is the very one thing that I honestly am praying for a change. It may not be much for some but the fact that I would spend the rest of the night thinking of the better things that I could have done is starting to annoy me. Why? Because those thoughts that I have would give me difficult times-how? Simple, by not letting me sleep until I am content and getting that contentment does not take few hours! Sad? Tell me about it.

So, how do I learn to minimise these awful habit of mine? I read! I read the books that teaches me about our minds, about people, about attitudes, about so many things in the world that I am learning to understand. You see, to be understood, we must first seek to understand and to be a better person you must first learn to understand.

So what are the books that is good to be read for those who actually are in my shoes? Stay tuned! I will share more about them in my upcoming posts and let them out one by one.

Until then,



Well hello there! I finally get my access to my blog after the whole changing phone and phone number incident. Never knew the 2FA can cause such workload. (Drama queen alert- well that’s what you get when you don’t start to be extra melancholy with your records)

Anyway, so much has taken their places this year though it has only been what? 3 weeks since new year? I even believe that I may now change my blog’s heading from “I am highly caffeinated” to “I am no longer a coffee addict”. But you can never be so sure since it is still too early to be. Why?? Cause our kept giving me the craves. (Yup, something even Starbucks can’t beat). But I can proudly say that it has been months since I first able to live my Mondays without coffee 😌😌
So, why the title? Simple, there’s no such thing as perfect in this world but you can always be better. It may be hard to change but changes are what makes the world a better place. You see, as the saying goes “everyone wants changes but no one wants to decide to change”. I do admit, it is not easy but it can be done.

Back in my teen years, if you were to ask me; if I love make ups, my answer would be “NO”. I grew up choosing Football over Barbie, short hair over long hair, fake stache over lipsticks.. The first ever time that I decided to get make up items (a few of them though) was few days before my wedding just to add up to our “Hantaran“. It wasn’t easy to choose AT ALL. I didn’t know what I want or what I need for that matter. I didn’t even know the difference between a concealer and a foundation πŸ˜… I can say even after a year since the purchase date, the bottles and “containers” were still more than half full. But today.. Things are different since 2014. I started to learn to fall for them and fell so hard since 2015. Everything seemed to be in my “MUST HAVE” list! I would cry and throw tantrums everytime I missed the 1st batch of the collections (believe me, there’s no such thing as 2nd or 3rd batches-or any!) I would make babe take me from BSB to Miri (about 2.5 hours drive) just to make sure that I’d get them!

But the make up brand that I wear is not just any make up brand. I am a proud Artistry user. Yup, you read that right.. ARTISTRYβ„’ why? Cos I know how easy it is for me to get breakouts everytime I wear makeups (hence, why I couldn’t even used them up even after a year) But Artistry is different. Why? I think it is best for you to discover 😊

What’s my point in this whole makeup thing? It is just the fact that, I learnt and still currently am learning to be better at doing makeups. You know, a change doesn’t have to be as big as running a non profit charity foundation or being a billionaire. Changes can be small (especially small) or huge, depending on your visions. But remember, the smallest details matter. Small changes can also give huge impact when you do it the right way. Regardless of what it is that you wish to change, do so whether it’s huge or small. Because these changes that you make.. If it is for the better, then everything will be better in time. All you have to do is decide, do, believe and leave the rest to God.

That’s all for now everyone!


With the current global issue, many would be excited to get a job. In my case, I was forced to take one that would throw me back in my comfort zone.

I was working for a leading oil and gas based company for 3 years before I decided to leave in 2015. When everyone else is struggling to get jobs, I left mine cause it stopped challenging me and it made me feel comfortable. Confused? Well, here’s why!

Ever wonder how your life would be in the next 20 years? Or 10? Or maybe just 5? I have. And I read that, the people you surround yourself will build the person you’d be in 5 years. From my view, that is not how I want my life to be. The office politics, the never ending complains about the superiors, the getting-use-to to wait for payday, that’s not how I want my life to continuously be. The worst part is, knowing that if I were to continue working.. That’s gonna be my life routine – I’d have to endure it until the age of 60 😭 Don’t get me wrong, working is good.. But working for someone else for the rest of your lives…?? Where’s the freedom in that? Don’t you want to think about it? Scares me. In addition, one of my huge comfort zone is working; keeping myself preoccupied is my comfort zone..

I may be self-employed today, but I’m happy and I decide how much I earn. I am building my foundation for my better future. You may be earning 5 digits per month for working for a huge company, but you don’t have the freedom. At least I don’t have to wake up early in the morning to face people I dislike just to earn the money that others decided I should be earning.  I may be tired everyday but nothing good comes easy right? 

Some may not get why these things get into my head deeply, but I really don’t want to leave the earth without inheriting a proper legacy to my family. Life may be easy for me today, but it gets harder by time. $100 could feed you for a whole month years back, but $100 today wouldn’t last an hour. Imagine in 20 years time!! What would you feed your family??

I am scared of investing my hardwork and time at the wrong places. I wish most would understand.

Oh well, that’s that.. I guess it’s time to work harder. 10 times harder now.. Hawaii, Brazil and Argentina is waiting 😌 Gotta move up fast! 


I hope, you’d think about your future thoroughly.. 



It is almost the end of March 2016 and I’ve just got the chance to write and post. It has been great by far and packed of course.

So, how did you guys spent your new year’s eve? We celebrated ours with them awesome people! It was termendous considering how much we learnt that night.

Babe and I won the best dress category for couple and we also got our numbers hit for the lucky draw 😌😌 one lucky night in deed! Although, we didn’t get to get back home (from BSB to Lumut) since none of us posesses a valid driving license so we decided to check into a hotel in Gadong area.

Anyway, I decided to get myself a dUCk planner 😁 the only colour left on Fashionvalet was toffee (I wish it was green!) Regardless, it’s amazing! Although, it’d be great if the covers were made of a better material considering that it’s one of the essential things that I keep in my bag!


Oh yes! We went to Sunway, Melaka and Bukit Bintang last Feb. Finally got the chance to take Nana out for dinner at Mid Valley before we went to Melaka. As for MUS, It was awesome! This time, the knowledges we gained were crazier!! Can’t wait for April for our next trip to KL (it’d be awesome again, I bet!)

There’s more to share but I’m still a little tired from playing on the bouncer with Baby at 3:30am! So maybe I’ll talk some more later!


I took some time making my personal D.I.Y 2016 planner despite the fact that I’d be getting one before the year ends. It is fun to make one just to have those cheerful colours filling your sights.

I’m still thinking if I should or should not carry on with purchasing the dUCk planner 😍 I just love pretty colours!


I mean, just look at these.. Aren't they adorable??!! One of these should be in your "must-have" list!

It’s the 26th and school holiday is almost over! We went to Anih’s place just to fill the time when them parents, little sisters and grandma were on their way to KK. Kakalong will be flying off to SG next week with Irdina & Maisarah (gonna miss those two little rascals alot! 😭). Sigh.

Anyway, I’ve booked our tickets for Feb’s MUS in Melaka. I hope I won’t forget to tapao Krispy Kreme’s doughnuts this time 😪 Can’t wait for the trip, last MUS was awesome but we missed the 1st day’s afternoon session since we had to stay a little bit longer in PJ. Knowledge trips with the BraveBerryWarriors is always a bliss πŸ™‚ cause everything is just super positive and it’s a chance for you to get away from all the stress and negativities. I hope the next trip will be as fruitful as every previous trips we attended together and I also hope that we’d get the chance to bring more this time 😎😎 Cause every trips means time to be away from all the worries and time to fill our days with only good times and more knowledges to bring back home!

Bye now.